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Respect for the environment, a shared commitment


The environment and respect for ecology are central to the Mont Blanc Tunnel’s concerns.

On a daily basis, checks are carried out on the quality of the air inside and outside the tunnel.

Outside organizations are in charge of the daily check on pollution levels in the tunnel and along the access routes.

Air quality, dust concentration and noise are monitored by competent organizations from the two regions, in order to guarantee to the inhabitants of the two valleys and users of the tunnel that the limits set by European standards are being adhered to.

Transit vehicles that have an overall MAM exceeding 3.5 tons and classified in pollution categories Euro 0, Euro 1 and Euro 2** (i.e., registered before  October 1st 2001) is prohibited. From January 1st, 2019, transit is prohibited also for vehicles used for transporting goods that have an overall MAM exceeding 7.5 tons classified Euro 3 (i.e. vehicles registered before October 1st, 2006).

This policy, together with the progressive renewal of Europe’s vehicle fleet, makes a concrete contribution to reducing pollution in the Tunnel and along the access routes.

* from January 1st 2011
** from November 1st 2012


Heavy vehicles (bus + lorry) divided into pollution categories

Emissions development of heavy vehicle diesel engines