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Modernization of the Mont Blanc Tunnel has consisted in equipping the infrastructure with high quality systems. The Tunnel has Centralized Technical Management (CTM), a computer system that checks and keeps the tunnel under constant surveillance along its entire length and processes data coming from over 35,000 control points. It is able to detect any anomaly and suggest to the operator the scenario that will allow him to use the appropriate road signs, adjust the ventilation, inform users (FM radio, variable message boards), give the alarm to emergency teams and give the alarm to and communicate with outside intervention teams.

A comprehensive safety system:

37 safe shelters

1 pure air channel linked to the safe shelters for the evacuation of users

116 SOS booths

120 cameras

12 FM radio frequencies that can be received inside the tunnel, broadcasting safety messages in three languages

40 half-barriers each associated with a variable message panel and a red traffic light

20 overhead variable message boards

20 traffic lights per direction

1 thermometric cable equipped with 3,860 sensors

1 conduit conveying water under pressure

78 firefighting booths

116 smoke extraction outlets

76 overhead air accelerators

10 radar speed control units

10 radar safety distance control units

36 emergency parking areas

1 central immediate intervention post and 2 external ones

2 barriers at the entrances

4 water tanks with a capacity of 120 m³ each

4 640 lights

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