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Oversize load

Description of convoy

For oversize load exceeding 3,50 m width and / or more than 94 T , and / or more than 25 m in length, your car spare must contact the Highway Operation Center of ATMB (72 hours before your transit) at the following number +33 (0)450072929. You will be authorized to cross the Mont Blanc Tunnel only after the agreement of ATMB’s car spare service.

The size of the load matches to the figure :

Pollution class of the tractor(s)

Tractor n°1

Tractor n°2

Date of crossing

We ask for an authorization to cross the Mont-Blanc Tunnel the night between the [TEXT] anc the [TEXT], \ndirection

Documents to be imperatively attached to your request
  • A photocopy of the tractor(s) registration document
  • A photocopy planimetry of the load only for convoy b3 type
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