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HQ and offices

(Monday to Friday: 8.00-16.30)

Registered office and offices Italian side 
Piazzale Sud del Traforo del Monte Bianco 
I - 11013 Courmayeur AO
Offices French side
Plate-forme française du Tunnel du Mont-Blanc
F - 74400 Chamonix
Tel. +39 0165 890411 (Italian network) – +33(0)4 50555500 (French network)
Fax +39 0165 890591 (Italian network) – +33(0)4 50555591 (French network)
E-mail [email protected]
PEC     [email protected]

Traffic in real time

Tel. Italian network  +39 0165 890411
Tel. French network +33 (4)50555500

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Tolls, subscriptions

Customer and tolls department
E-mail  [email protected]
Tel. Italian network +39 0165 890537
Tel. French network +33 (0)450553937
Traforo del Monte Bianco - GEIE
Piazzale sud del Traforo del Monte Bianco
11013 COURMAYEUR AO (Italia)

Complaints, suggestions an opportunity for improvement

The TMB-GEIE, on behalf of the Italian and French concessionary companies, attaches great importance to complaints and suggestions received, as significant indicators for identifying any reasons for Customer dissatisfaction, and for undertaking improvement action.
The most effective means of communication for sending complaints and suggestions is e-mail ([email protected]), which allows us to speed up response times and keep track of correspondence. The TMB-GEIE is committed to applying the following standards:
- response to complaints received by e-mail, in 85% of cases within 10 days of receipt;
- communication to Customers about the corrective action undertaken to resolve in a precise way the poor service reported;
- information via all the available channels of communication (toll collection booths, Information Offices, Internet site, etc.) about the ways to send complaints and suggestions.
If it is not possible to communicate via e-mail, you can write a letter or send a fax to the addresses in the reference information on the back cover.


In cases where a toll has been paid in error in excess of the amount due, the TMB-GEIE, after checking the validity of the documentation produced, will refund the excess amount.
In case of loss of a 10/20 transit pass (not named), the customer can contact customer service ([email protected]) and, on presenting the payment receipt issued at the time of purchase or at least two transit certificates or even the credit card number with which the payment was made, can obtain the cancellation and the simultaneous free issue of a duplicate loaded with the number of transits remaining.
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