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Territory and open air

The Mont Blanc Tunnel… spaces open to discovery!

The Mont-Blanc Tunnel is an infrastructure of primary importance that for over fifty years has enabled the most daring technological dreams to become a reality.
Allowing the Alpine barrier to be crossed in just a few minutes, in addition to its role of essential communication axis in the heart of Europe, the Mont-Blanc Tunnel offers opportunities for enjoyment and discovery and the possibility to surpass the limitations of personal horizons and find out about new tourism, economic, cultural and social spaces.

The Alpine Diamond*

* Project conceived by FEDRE - Fondation pour l'Economie et le Développement durable des Régions d'Europe

This suggestive and evocative name refers to the geographical triangle bordered by the cities of Geneva, Turin and Lyon: a vast region within which three nations cohabit, finding their identity in a shared alpine environment and centuries-old traditions. 
In the centre of the “diamond”, the Mont Blanc massif is the living symbol of this identity. And below the highest mountain in Europe, for over fifty years the Mont-Blanc Tunnel, built to promote exchange among the peoples who live at its edges, has played the role of strategic communication axis for the mobility of people, goods and ideas.
By making an economic contribution to the creation of the geographical map of the Alpine Diamond, it was the intention of TMB to participate in an initiative conceived in the light of sustainable development, offering operators active in the territory an additional tool for spreading knowledge about the numerous and important natural, artistic, historic and cultural resources in the region.
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