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The sponsorship policy

TMB-GEIE is a major business and social player in the Courmayeur and Chamonix valleys. So it is natural for TMB-GEIE to be associated with the life of the inhabitants of these valleys and take part in supporting initiatives in local communities, contributing to the creation of a transfrontier bond. Its support is primarily aimed at encouraging operations that are of obvious interest to the transfrontier area, involve a territory close to Mont Blanc and develop noble values such as team spirit, collective efforts, solidarity, vigilance, respect for nature and protecting the environment, values that correspond to those practised and developed by TMB-GEIE itself; and all in observance of a spirit of unification and balance between the Italian and French partners. The main sponsored initiatives or associations include: Batailles des Reines on both sides, ASIVA (Associazione Sport Invernali Valle d’Aosta) and its French counterpart, Comité Régional de Ski Mont-Blanc, Club des Sports de Chamonix, Velo Club Courmayeur, Ski Club Les Houches, Sci Club Valdigne, Chamonix Hockey Club, international youth hockey tournaments (e.g.. Legacy Global Sports, Les Marmouzets), etc.


On the 14th August 1962, after 20 years of detailed studies, hard labor and centuries of hope, the last pickaxe stroke, finally allowed the French and Italian workers to meet under the Mont Blanc massif, opening a new door towards new human, cultural and economic horizons. Today the Mont Blanc Tunnel - EEIG is proud to give its support to the organizers and competitors of the UTMB®, who are inspired by the same will, courage and determination of those people who permitted its creation. The UTMB® and the Mont Blanc Tunnel both symbolize the connection linking the towns around the Mont Blanc and their inhabitants. For this reason, the Mont Blanc Tunnel is, more than an official partner, a “natural partner” of the UTMB®, the biggest rally of trail-running enthusiasts. Since the 700 runners of the first edition, UTMB® now welcomes 10,000 competitors from 100 different Ultra-Trail countries.


The longest tunnel in the world under the highest mountain in Europe… utopia, a vision, a challenge, an undertaking that seemed impossible at the time, but was believed in by the pioneers and champions of the Mont-Blanc Tunnel. With the same courage and tenacity, those who conceived the TOR DES GEANTS® believed that it was possible to cross the Aosta Valley in a single, long journey… With its 330 km and elevation of 24,000 metres (almost like reaching the top of Everest three times in a week, starting from sea level), the TOR DES GEANTS® embraces and unites the people who live at the foot of the "giant", the highest mountain in Europe, thanks also and above all to the support of over 2,000 volunteers. The TOR DES GEANTS® has been joined over the years by four other iconic races that make TORX® a worldwide promotional tool for the host territory. For this reason, the Mont-Blanc Tunnel, the connection between the peoples and territories in the heart of the Alps, is proud to contribute to strengthening the spirit of unification represented by TORX®, by providing its support for organisers, volunteers and competitors.

Cableway companies

Aimed at promoting the exchange of tourism and winter attendance at locations at the foot of Mont Blanc, TMB-GEIE has signed a three-party agreement with Courmayeur Mont Blanc Funivie of Courmayeur and Compagnie du Mont-Blanc of Chamonix. Because of this agreement, customers who have an "unlimited" subscription (currently valid) sold by one of the two above-mentioned cableway companies, can cross the Mont-Blanc Tunnel at a very advantageous price. This agreement is an opportunity to enrich the offer of tourism in the two valleys and is essential, particularly during periods in which snow conditions are better on one side than the other. Since 2007, this agreement has been renewed at the start of every winter season.
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