French tunnel entrance apron
Italian tunnel entrance apron
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Trucks, buses and exceptional convoys

Passing through the control and regulation areas

Vehicles that have an overall MAM (maximum authorized mass) exceeding 3.5 tons (trucks and buses), before entering the Mont-Blanc Tunnel, must receive authorization at the regulation and control and regulation areas of Passy-Le Fayet (France) and Aosta (Italy), located respectively at 22 and 44 kilometers from the tunnel entrance aprons.

  • Map of control and regulation areas

Their compliance with tunnel transit conditions is certified by a pass, issued after the dimensions of the vehicle, the nature of its load, and the European pollution category have been checked: transit is prohibited for vehicles that have an overall MAM exceeding 3.5 tons classified Euro 0, Euro 1 and Euro 2 (i.e. vehicles registered before October 1st, 2001), and, from January 1st 2019, for vehicles used for transporting goods that have an overall MAM exceeding 7.5 tons classified Euro 3 (i.e. vehicles registered before October 1st, 2006). 
Checking the nature of the goods being carried (dangerous materials are prohibited) is the responsibility of the Highway Police (on the Italian side) and the customs service (on the French side).

The thermographic gateways

At the tunnel entrance aprons, getting heavy vehicles to pass under the experimental thermographic gateway allows tunnel staff to detect any overheating of the mechanical parts of lorries and buses. If the system indicates the presence of abnormalities, the vehicle is made to wait at the tunnel entrance apron for the necessary checks to be made before obtaining transit permission for the tunnel.

Oversized loads

The transit of vehicles which, in accordance with the Mont-Blanc Tunnel transit regulation, belong to category B, is subject to a request for authorisation to be provided in advance to GEIE-TMB (at least 4 days before the date on which the oversized load is due to transit). 
A request can be made either by completing the online form or by downloading the form in PDF format:
Online form for requesting the transit of an exceptional load

Dangerous goods (ADR)

The access at the tunnel is forbidden for vehicles carrying dangerous goods, according to the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR).
The transit of dangerous goods through the Mont-Blanc Tunnel is subject to the conditions and restrictions envisaged by the ADR for category E tunnels (the most restrictive category).
ATTENTION: access to the Mont-Blanc Tunnel by vehicles transporting goods identified with the numbers ONU 2919, 3077, 3082, 3291, 3331, 3359 and 3373, is not permitted pursuant to the ban on the transportation of such goods on roads leading to the Tunnel issued by the French and Italian Prefectures.


Traffic regulations for the Mont Blanc Tunnel (French decrees of Prefecture of Haute-Savoie)
Traffic regulations for the Mont Blanc Tunnel (Italian decree of SITMB)
ADR transit prohibition on the Italian access road (Italian decree of Aosta Valley Autonomous Region)
ADR transit prohibition on the French access road (French decrees of Prefecture of Haute-Savoie)
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